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Scholarship Detail

Catherine Herrick Cobb Scholars in Music


Qualification Criteria
The Scholarship is awarded based on the following:

General: Financial Need
Academic Achievement
Academic Level/Class: Graduate / All
Undergraduate / All
Major in College: Music
Renewable: This Scholarship is Renewable
Comment: The income from the fund may be used to recognize exceptional musical talent and to encourage the most promising students of music and the performing arts to attend the University by providing: i) tuition, books, room, board and other living expenses, and/or ii) expenses related to career development (including but not limited to, competitions, conference attendance, and the like) and/or iii) to support graduate assistantships in the College of Music, for one or more students or prospective students at the University at that time.

Must be a full-time student
Based upon: financial need, strong scholastic performance or significant academic improvement in each successive year, special talents/achievements, citizenship activities, leadership, perseverance and resourcefulness